Daily - 9am to 7pm call +6012 6363680 热线电话

Washer/ Dryer/ Fridge REPAIR SERVICE 洗衣机/干衣机/冰箱修理服务 call 012 6363680

Washing Machine 洗衣机

washer problem : leaks, dripping, malfunction, noise and shaking, washer move around, no spinning, washer not draining, washer is clogged, washer wont fill in water contact us for technician service

Dryers 干衣机

dryer problem: heating not well, dryer not heating, malfunction contact us for technician service

Refrigerator 冰箱

fridge refrigerator not cooling, temperature not cool, noisy refrigerator, shaking, water leaking, refrigerator is warm, could be compressor spoilt, fan motor problem, condensor coil problem contact us for technician service

We Aim To Serve You Better 我们务求提供更好的服务

We have a team of 28 years experienced master technicians to provide the most Professional, reliable, fast and efficient services. Our products are refurbished well by experienced master technician before present for sale

Don't hesitate to call us 别再犹豫,即可联系


3 Months Warranty on Services 3个月的保修服务

We provide a limited 3 months warranty on all our washing machine repair and dryer repair services

Professional Repair Services 专业的修理服务

Rest assured that only trained and experienced technicians attend to you

Honest Prices Guaranteed 实惠的价格

We provide transparent and honest prices always

Same Day On Site Repairs Available 即日在场修理服务

We also offer same day on site washing machine and dryer repairs subject to availability

Experts in Washing Machine,Dryer,Fridge 专长于修理洗衣机/干衣机/冰箱

We are experienced in all makes and models of washing machine and dryers

Over 28+ Years of Experience超过28年的修理洗衣机经验

We have over 28+ years of experience in washing machine and dryer repair services

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‘Solve Your Washing Machine & Dryer Problems Today!’ 今天就解决您的洗衣机 干衣机问题吧